Create Your Brand & Boost Your Career by Offering Time

Create Your Brand & Boost Your Career by Offering Time

Create Your Brand & Boost Your Career by Offering Time 1024 681 Kim B.

In business, everything you do serves to create your brand – whether you realize it or not.

If you want to boost your career, it’s much better to proactively develop your brand rather than leave it to chance. It’s never a good idea to allow it to develop organically and accidentally without your input or guidance.

Time is gold, a precious commodity. Yet, everyone always seems to be in short supply of it. So is there value in offering your time, especially in endeavors that don’t appear to have financial rewards to you? If you are trying to create your brand or boost your career, the answer is most likely, “Yes!” Additionally, for most, it provides tremendous personal gifts, too.

Donating your time to causes you find deeply meaningful to you is its own reward. This kind of fulfillment-wielding altruism is often hard to find in your typical 9-to-5 day. Offering your time to worthwhile causes can also drive change in your community.

If you carefully manage your time donation – and channel it to organizations that need unaffordable skills you can give away for free – you might just initiate the kind of change that helps solve major local or global issues.

Yet, volunteering your time is not only good for karma, but for your career too.

flowersIf you are self-employed, charitable work helps create your brand and keeps you visible in a sea of sameness. It doesn’t have to feel forced or artificial, either. Find something you’re passionate about that’s relevant to your brand  Then, partner with community service organizations that might benefit from those passions.

If you choose to work for someone else, you can work within companies that have built a culture of giving back to the community or causes that are relevant to their business. Companies like this are easier to find now, more than ever. But this is not just because they have been shamed into some sort of corporate responsibility, but also because companies have learned some hard lessons in business. Consequently, they realize that to engage their workforce, they need to create an outlet where employees can fulfill their dreams and cultivate their creativity and learning outside the context of their day-to-day jobs.

Similarly, by helping to integrate and support the broader-scope enthusiasms of their employees, companies renew and invigorate employee loyalty.

Likewise, they are helping their workers build their brand and boost their careers as they let them develop skills and attitudes that will very likely translate to greater fulfillment and productivity at work.

By giving employees room to express their passions – and allowing them time and space to do so – it’s easier for companies to retain their best employees in a business environment where holding on to valuable talent is getting difficult. By offering time to those who need it, everybody – the organization, the community, the employees – wins.


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