Find a Job Fast! How to Incorporate Keywords and Phrases to Upgrade Your Career Search

stand out in your job search

Find a Job Fast! How to Incorporate Keywords and Phrases to Upgrade Your Career Search

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When you want or need to find a job fast, there is a key to finding the right job.

Getting the job you want or being found by the right employer in today’s crowded human capital marketplace boils down to effectively using keywords and phrases in your searches.

You may be the most qualified of all the candidates in the job you want. However, if you don’t use the right keywords in your resume and in your career searches online, you are as good as invisible to recruiters or hiring managers. And their jobs are as good as invisible to you.

This is where learning how to use keywords and phrases for effective job search comes into play.

To find a job fast, you need your profile to stand out. Similarly, the jobs you want should stand out to you.

For a successful job search, you have to be observant of the trends in the industry you wish to work for, particularly of how job titles and job descriptions are changing. When you do this, you know which words and phrases to look for or put in your resume. Once you have that information, calibrate your searches with the following suggestions:

Use variations of popular keywords

The best way to find out which keywords and phrases to use for your job search is to use the search tool in popular career sites and job boards. The sites should be able to give you up-to-date keywords and phrases that are in the most frequent use. Then use the top three keywords and their variations as you search for that ideal job.

Similarly, find a way to incorporate at least the top two keywords in your job title so that you are found when one of those terms is used. For example, if you are looking for freelance writing jobs in the travel niche, put “Travel Writer”, “Travel Journalist”, or “Travel Blogger” in your searches, as well as in your resume. If there isn’t room for more than one keyword, just use the topmost one in your line of work.

Search your target job title using industry-standard descriptions

You may be a fantastic wordsmith, article guru, or social media ninja, but if you use them in your job title and your job search, you’re not likely to be found. True, there are job postings that use informal job descriptions to convey the company culture, but these are few and far between. Instead, use specific job titles as they appear in industry listings. The Department of Labor, specifically the Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides a good start in your search for industry-standard job titles.


Use company jargon

If you wonder how to use keywords and phrases to find top employers, you’ll need to incorporate company-specific jargon. This will require you to dig deeper into the company you wish to target. For example, to convey their creative culture, one company has a “Crayon Evangelist” on their team, while an Internet service provider has a “Digital Prophet” on theirs.



Add a location to your job title search

Digital nomadism is gaining ground, but there are still jobs that need to be performed onsite. Some advice on how to use keywords and phrases to find the right job is to add a location after a job title search. So when you are looking for a laboratory assistant job in New York, use “Phlebotomy Technician New York” or “Clinical Laboratory Technologist New York” in your search. If you want to be more specific still, you can add “Buffalo, New York” or the ZIP code after the job titles.

While there seem to be a lot of complaints today that it’s hard to find a good job – or especially, find a job you want that inspires and fulfills you – it is possible.

It simply takes a little hard work, creativity, and a desire – and ability – to think outside the box. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, it can pay off in huge dividends, helping you find a job where you will be motivated to jump out of bed and get to work each and ever day.


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